A Passionate Graphic Designer

We established Dallas Design to help our clients get the custom made designs they need.
We draft elaborate, detailed and engineered patterns to ensure their brand identities or purposes have been perfectly translated into visuals.


How It All Started

As a child, I always loved mathematics, architecture, and the arts. I spent endless hours painting volumes of Color-by-Number projects, building models of ships in a bottle, dollhouse furnishings and woodworking.

To this day, I enjoy that hobby in my home, around my landscaping and my children. With the computer, I was able to expand my projects digitally and start a career in Textile Design and later, Graphic and Web Design.

Pursuing the Field of Graphic Arts

Excelling in multiple graphic arts has been an exciting journey for me. Every aspect of the field includes passing mathematical challenges and utilizing various hand tools, such as a ruling pen, a paintbrush, a T-square or just a pencil.

With these tools, I've trained in architectural drafting, sculpture, and fine painting to bring it all together into a classic and clean style..

Combining Fine Art and Graphic Design

Hand tools allow my creativity to flow naturally, keeping a true, organic look. I love moving that artwork to the computer to refine and expand the shapes and colors. Creating uniquely shaped digital icons, logos, patterns and 3-D engineered product design along with my acute sense of color combination, is my passion.

Merging My Passion and Career

Following my passions for creating art to a professional level, sustained an ongoing career in design while continuing my education in new trends and software. By sharing various ideas, styles and color combinations in stages through the design process and planning production, I am able to produce custom and coordinated design packages on time and within your budget.

After more than 35 years in the field, I have a deep understanding of the foundation of a project, the projected work involved and a trusted and reliable business.


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